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One of the main reasons people fail their driving test is lack of preparation.

A Pre-Test course maximises your chances of passing your test first time. Your Pre-Test will be conducted on actual test routes, by a qualified driving tester and ADI, trained and approved by the RSA. These qualified testers have conducted thousands of driving tests on behalf of the department of transport. With this experience in mind, you can be assured we know exactly what the tester wants and expects from you, and we know just what it takes for you to pass your test.

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Test Preparation:

Content of Pretest:

Stage 1

  1. Explanation of Test Format
  2. Oral Test Preparation (Obligatory Questions & Signs)
  3. Marking System Explained
  4. Technical Checks Explained
  5. Mock Test (On Actual Test Routes)
  6. Fault Identification & Analysis
  7. Corrective Action/Discussion/Tips

Stage 2 (This would be completed on a 2Hr Pretest or subsequent pretests)

  1. Instructional lesson(Telling you exactly how you should drive)
  2. Demonstration/practice of manoeuvres
  3. Cover additional test routes
  4. Summing-up/Discussion/Tips

Your mock test will be conducted in exactly the same format as the official RSA test. It will mirror the exact way the testers conduct themselves i.e how they speak to you and how they give directions on your practical test. This course will show you exactly what the tester expects from you.



Car Hire + warm-up drive/Pretest beforehand - €135



- Included with every Test Preparation Course

Content includes:

  1. Actual RSA Report Sheet (Marked During Mock Test)
  2. Summary of Report Sheet and Requisite Knowledge/Skills Required on Test
  3. Technical Checks (All Possible Questions Covered and Answered)
  4. Detailed List of Sample Questions for the Oral Test including Obligatory Subjects

At MyDrive our aim is a 100% pass rate.

We cover driving test centres in Tallaght, Churchtown and Finglas.

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